My current debate

Will I pass this? I worry,
Many times, I feel lonely.

Self confidence, I am mislaid,
Redemption, soon must be underway.

A new phase, a new beginning,
Uncertainty raises, all these feelings.

Though known, yet unknown the circumstances,
I still believe, life gives many chances.

A journey, I must embark now,
Old is gold, with the meaning lost.

Patience is the key, to this invisible lock,
Mockery mustn’t stop you, let them mock.

Mistakes happen, so you can learn,
Little joys of life, and the fun.

I fight in my mind, has raged a war,
I’m unable to determine, the fatal cause.

Perfection or emotion, want to defeat the other,
How should I convince myself, they need each other.

Words pouring, in this rhyme,
Hope they answer, to my plight

To Aaron Hernandez

He was drowning, in his own thoughts,

A successful career, a perfect family,

He had everything, yet a haul,

End was near, on the other side.


Started young, he played football,

Gained fame, he was closeted now,

Somehow, he managed a narrow escape,

Time and again, he made the same mistake.


Drugs and wrong company, made him wild,

A few wrong turns, made a huge difference,

A life he couldn’t live, unfortunately,

Looks back, at his grave now.


A beautiful daughter, will learn as she grows,

From the mistakes, her elders endured,

May, she live long and happy,

Dear girl, we are very sorry!


Aaron H

Conversations in my mind

Sitting alone, in a room full of people,
Everyone interacting, keeping me aside,
I have conversations, in my mind.

I see the woman, with the pearl necklace,
She looked prettiest, to everyone,
Their undivided attention, was her fun.

I saw the old man, grumpy to be with many,
Wanted the importance, like the lady,
Was not ready to stoop, for his credibility.

I saw the Steward, in the corner,
Least interested, and did not bother,
Serving others was, his bread and butter.

In a distance, I saw a man,
Sitting like me, observant,
Thought he was copying me but, it was my mere reflection.

Like these, there are many more,
Thoughts somewhat, Meaningless sometimes,
but, I hear these voices in my mind.

India’s Daughter

A girl playing in her backyard,

Kidnapped and killed for fun,

You over-protect and try to secure,

Societal pressure got you now?

You spend a lot of money,

For all the materialistic wealth,

My freedom is still lost,

When will I find it now?

You stop me from staying alone,

You want me to have an escort always,

Father, brother or a husband,

Does this really help?

I learn to cook sew and dress,

Children and household is my den,

I can too innovate and discover,

Will I get a direction ever?

Let women roam freely,

Let them fall and rise,

They don’t need protection,

Understand we are human alike.

You say leave this country,

Settle somewhere else,

That’s a dream come true,

Is this actually true?

I love my country,

I want to keep it safe,

Accept there is deficiency,

Can we remediate?

The sooner we begin,

The sooner there will be justice,

Kill the demon within,

Release the guarding angel then.

Every girl is India’s daughter,

Sooner you accept, the better,

Tainting my name is not going to help,

If you don’t let me survive, forget about a ‘generation’ next


India's Daughter

Let me be

Let me be, who I am,

Let me live, as myself,

Right or wrong, on my own,

And that’s my way!


Not once, you asked,

Every time, you told,

I cannot do this, anymore,

Too old to fold.


I am human, just like you,

Sometimes, hear me too,

Scold, when I wrong,

Let me leap first, then take a stand.


Assumptions, sometimes kill,

You never know, what else will,

Speak your mind, when its time,

Don’t assume or judge, I will not nudge.


I cry, all the time,

Tears roll back, every time,

Let me be, alone,

Don’t, drag me along.


You made me, who I am,

Color me, when I need,

Not only, to look good,

But, when I need too.


A new ME

I am ‘lucky’, as they say,

Born in a loving family, sunshine and hay.


I am ‘stubborn’, as they say,

Pampered by everyone, granted all my wishes away.


I am ‘obedient’, as they say,

To behave as told, many expectations they lay.


I am ‘me’, I object!

You don’t own me, I demand respect.


Emotions, mind and body,

Like a human, just as everybody.


Should I, always fight for my rights?

Someday you’ll give-in or, give my last rites.


Until I spoke, until I rejected,

For Generations, You took me for granted.


No more the spectator, No more the back seat,

A new journey has started, for the new ME within.



Living a Nightmare

When I was growing up, as a young patootie,
I always had a nightmare, that stayed with me.

Wherever I, find my significant other,
My life, will change for better.

Wherever I, saw future kids,
In my dreams, they always hated me.

After many years, almost relic,
I re-lived, the nightmare within.

Had a brave face, understood every word,
Cried my heart out, once I reached home.

Today I, doubted in solitary,
heard someone, feared me.

Was I, turning into,
Someone else, I loathe.