मन बावरले

मन बावरले, हरवले,
उदास, लापुन बेसले

ओन्च उडी, न मारता,
काडी बंद , फस्ले

कदचिट, कोनी चहुल दीली,
तैय्यरी नवती, पन उघाडली कडी.

मनचे धागे, सुटले,
सगलयान पासना खुप लाम्ब , निगुन अॅले.

की येथे, नविनच कहानी,
आसा मन्हात, घबर्ली

इव्हढा सर्व, होउनाही
माझा माने, बावरालेच

Ae Vatan!

Ae vatan, itni udasi kyun?

Tujhme pale, us khoon ki kurbani kyun?


Tu muskurati rahe, tu dilkhulas jiye,

Tu phule phale, sada aabad rahe.


Duniya yaad rakhe tujhe, aaisa tera itihaas,

Salaam thokega zamana, aisa tera libaas.


Dharti ka ek tukda hai tu, mera abhiman hai tu,

Tujhpe koi aanch na aaye, meri abhilash hai tu.


Dhiraj na chod, teri awaaz houn main,

Duniya mein kahi bhi rahu, teri beti houn main.


Vividhata tere raj main, tera man vishal,

Apnaye sabke jazbat, teri mahanta aparampar.



Inspired by Gully Boy

Apna time aayega,Tu dekhta reh jayega,

Tu mane na bhi toh, apan success payega.


Har kadam pe chot lagegi,Life bakwaas aaisi soch lagegi,

Harke mat baith jana, sala opportunity bhag legi.


Tu mat ghabra, tu jeele bindhaas,

Tu mane ya na, tu chu lega aasma.


Logo ka kya, ye na tujhe jante,

Rehte hai tere saath, tujhe na pehchante.


Undermine na kar, tera hunar hai khaas,

Mujhse aake bolega, tu sahi tha boss.


Khud se na mukar, tujhme hai dam,

Life ka kya hai, kabhi khushi kabhi gham.


gully boy


I knew a man, deprived of his rights,

He wanted to live, with delight.


His peers understood, when teachers explained,

School years went, in disdain.


He went off to college, hoping to perform better,

It was a lost cause, he admitted later.


He got a job, he gave his complete,

He was never appreciated, but always critiqued.


When he got promoted, no one congratulate,

When others did, he had to participate.


He got married, his peers attended the wedding,

They ate and made merry, went without giving a gift.


He was frustrated, He rose to the occasion,

It was a fight he said, he will win every-time.




Women! Need of the hour,

Women! Wanted all over,

Women! Come forward NOW,

Minor or adult, you must bow.


She gives birth to life,

She nurtures abide,

She can make all you want,

Don’t forget, she can break when not her fault.


She is always patient,

She is always caring,

She is always humble,

She is forever daring.


You know you need,

To make her proud,

Act sooner or else,

She won’t be around.


Give birth to a woman,

Stop abuse,

Give a reason to live,

It’s time for truce.




I was very tired, exhausted indeed,
Waiting to lie on the bed, only sleep.
I heard on the news, on the way back,
The world was trembling, experiencing a wack.

Finally, the moment came,
Sleep and I, were chatting away.
Sleep asked, what one fears?
Disappointment, always shifting gears.

Suddenly, it was a different world,
I knew it must be, from my dreamworks.
Large lands, not fields,
A plastic eskimo, made to live in.

Different language, everyone spoke,
I said something, they heard no more,
Huskies angry, the weather was hot,
All looked at me, to switch the winter now.

The sun was up, long hours,
Northern lights at night, all over,
Saw less mankind, less vegetation,
I gittered with panic, in my imagination.

I knew this place, on my to-do list,
Forever cold, the pole it be,
Snow vanished, nothing left now,
Climate change is real, a surrender bow.

Extreme changes, left man wandering,
Survival of the fittest, left them striving,
Man must soon, act to live,
That’s the only way to, switch the beat.

I’m a rebel!

Yes, I have hopes,
I have dreams,
I want and I desire,
Things I feel.

I may be difficult,
Tricky as is,
To live alongside,
A person like me.

I want, I need,
I must want what I see,
Not unknowing, but known to me,
Reason out all my deeds.

I’m here, I’m there,
You find me everywhere,
You try and hide,
I’m within, there is no respite.

I may be shy, I may be quite,
I’m the red, and the white,
Look at yourself, not elsewhere,
Yes i’m a rebel, you may not like.