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We hate to admit it,
but we all have done this.

An ex or a celeb,
Stalked someone at some point.

Some do it harmless,
A bit too prying.

Some do it purposefully,
To harm the other.

Some do it out of habit,
Just another excuse to use social media.

Know too much of someone,
Get in trouble for gossip.

Don’t know much about the other,
It’s a risk you take.

Learn to let go and stay calm,
Don’t stalk for revenge.

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It’s easy when you are alone,
Care free and agile,
Little you know,
What destiny has in mind.

You find your special someone,
You create a small world of your own,
You dig six feet under,
You build the foundation strong.

Then comes your bundle of joy,
Fill your world with happiness and laughter,
The child grows up in a blink,
You know this is your purpose for this life.

Soon the bird

flies away to build its own nest,
The bitter truth is hard to accept,
Now it’s just you and your person left,
Trying to find a new purpose to live by.

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A plate full

A round plate, made of ceramic,
Pearl white, shining bright.

A stroke of color, creating contrast,
Delicate designs, pleasing to the eyes.

You pick or, you are served one,
It’s a pleasant feeling, let the meal begin.

Fine dining, less food & plates piling up,
Don’t fool yourself, it’s not your true self.

Buffets are luxury, eat all you want,
Always remember, thank the ones who served you.

Fast food joints, serve food on plastic,
Use and throw, don’t become that either.

Homeless shelters, trying their best for the unfortunate,
Be the helping hand, not the lost cause.

A home cooked meal, put everything on the plate,
Just like that, our emotions comprehend.

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To my Grandma Rajni

Let me tell you a story,
Of a younger sibling who was feisty.

She was born in a humble home,
Not much earning or land they owned.

She was the fifth of the six siblings,
A fun filled home and sibling dynamics.

Quite the social butterfly she was,
Made friends on streets, school and grocery stores.

Hardship was her middle name,
Brave and determined she became.

The society demanded her to play by the rules,
She knew to succeed she had to break a few.

She made her decisions and she claimed her voice,
She found the love of her life by choice.

The support she received from her new family,
Made her independent naturally.

A little family they build of their own,
A daughter a son made their world wholesome.

Kitty parties and a little break once a while,
Gave her the strength to pedal through with all her might.

She spent the next forty years of her life,
Earning money paying bills and helping others alike.

And one day she retired to learn to unwind,
Grandchildren took priority and hobbies she liked.

She knit sweaters and caps and designed a lot,
She was the coolest grandma on the block.

After 78 years of living a hard yet happy life,
The feisty girl accepted her eventual fate alright.

Slowly her body gave up on her,
Her lively spirit tried to uplift her.

When she said her goodbyes to her loved ones,
They knew her final moments had come.

One last goodbye to my grandma Rajni,
May your soul rest in peace.

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Writer’s block (?)

You don’t know what is your life’s purpose,
When you don’t feel like yourself,
You fall into a trap of tantrums,
In your mind you are cornered.

When you are in your own world,
Being lonely still feels crowded,
While the sounds in your head guide ahead,
That’s your cry for help.

While others expect a lot from you,
The burden over-weight,
You lose interest in life,
That’s a sign you are lost.

And just like that,
Everything around you,
Becomes a speck you can’t see,
Maybe it’s time to pause and think.

Its NOT over,
It’s a blemish you gotta fight,
You take charge over yourself,
With all your might.

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I see an ant, elephant, alligator and a mouse,
They are all different yet same somehow.

Some eat grass while some eat meat,
One needs food to beat the greed.

While they race together till the end,
Each of them have their own share to repent.

Each of them had their own accord,
Some flawed while some cried alot.

Mighty beings with longer strides,
Tiny beings huffing puffing alike.

At the end when they all reached the finish line,
Some left with power, food or muscles all fine.

They were happy in each other’s happiness,
They parted ways with a smile on their faces.

You “flaw” some to grow some,
These four were flawsome.

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Fooling myself

Every second, every minute,
A new chain of thoughts on me.
A blast, from the past,
Or hallucinations, amass.

Chill too much or, no chill at all,
My mood uncertain, sung around.
Affecting myself, everyone around,
Straight face, or smile alot.

It’s not, Monday blues,
It’s not, temporary.
It’s, the beginning,
To my emotional, war.

Cry, for a moment,
Laugh, the very next minute.
Some might, find it scary,
Or nothing happened, one might seem.

I sense, time and again,
Foolish, I am proving myself.
what the world dictates, till I forget,
I know, I will keep fooling myself.

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Curls neatly tied in a bun,
Colorful clips to match the dress,
A bit of make-up just for fun,
The smile feels like a warm caress.

Some jewels to complete the look,
Sitting with posture off the hook,
Ironed clothes for the occasion,
Looking at the camera as a priced possession,

Click click click you can hear,
The moment was captured forever,
Unfiltered the prints come off,
You re-live the moment now.

“What do you need this picture for?”,He asked,
“To frame on the wall”, she said,
He thought it was for a happy occasion,
She never told him the real reason.

A few months later a man came to the store,
Wanted a few copies of the picture from before,
He asked all copies to be framed,
The shopkeeper realised it was end game.

The pretty face knew death was near,
She dint hesitate but persisted,
Don’t live in someone’s shadow,
Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

He kept her photo framed in his store,
With the family’s permission he asked before,
He knew his death was near,
Her photo helped him persevere.

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Confined space and a window,
Four walls and a roof,
Chaos way below,
My four steps is the proof.

At all times,
I can look out the window,
Can’t go near it but,
It guides me thorough.

I saw a bright sunrise,
Suddenly the picture changed,
It’s cold and gloomy,
And then it rained.

I saw colorful highlands,
Filled with plush green grass and flowers,
I blinked and it turned pictures,
Now it was empty barren land.

It was neither timed nor sequential,
It was the outcome of human endeavour,
Suddenly I realised I was made to believe,
What the silhouette had me receive.

Like a puppet I moved,
From pillar to post I groved,
To agree with you at times,
To fight with all otherwise.

Like a machine I was a tool,
Only two options was the logic,
No maybe but only false or true,
The results were convincing and tragic.

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3 mistakes of my life

Everyone commits mistakes,
It makes you alive,
Countless they’ll be at every stage,
Through them you shine.

Out of the many,
3 stand out in the crowd,
Blunders one might call it,
Such are the mistakes I own.

First is a flaw in our society,
We don’t teach our kids curiosity,
Never question the elders even when in doubt,
Was the first big mistake I made about.

Second is an emotion I couldn’t control,
Always felt alone even with people around,
Rebellious, I had come of age,
I was a raging bull in my mind and they thought I was a sage.

Third was the final straw,
I was mocked and controlled all the time,
I screamed yet no attention I could draw,
I ran away, in the nick of time.

Coward I call myself,
Did I learn anything at all?
Looking back the only solution I found,
Acceptance is the only key I want.