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What if??

with the beautiful full moon at the top,

my mind is boggled with a thousand thoughts,

what if the sun was colorful and the moon,

imagining this makes me feel like on a blue lagoon.


if the human mind is said to be the sharpest,

why is it that it takes the hardest?

what if human mind was as small as a frog,

would we have jumped around with their lots?


they say think before you take a step,

and always you fall for life’s debt,

you think of something that you find right,

but what you write is never found right.


too many thoughts…

too many thoughts gamble you,

you fall for them and they strangle you,


what if one had control over his brain?

would he keep it empty or would feel one’s pain?

selfishness runs in d human genes,

is it that bad to keep yourself above other queens?


i was thinking abt my life over the years,

deep down inside i always fear,

what if my life ends up nowhere?

can there be a bigger nightmare??


and the thoughts form a cloud again,

this time it feels like it’ll surely rain,

whats done is done as they say,

i hope this night helps me find my way….


as i see the rising sun again,

the clouds vanished and a new day began….



I always try to think out of the box. i love poetry and hope to contribute my best to the field :)

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