I think I have become like him

I met him few years back

it was love at first sight

we were best of friends and truest of lovers


soon after he protected me

not just from the world but from my freedom as well

I thought he did it out of the love for me

I accepted it in no time as I wanted to be his bride to be


Soon after I felt isolated

not just from the world but myself as well

what was bringing this change in me?

I thought I was becoming a lot like him


Soon after he took charge of my life

what to wear?

what to say?

he would dictate all away

I wasn’t sure if I wanted this forever

I thought I was becoming like him


Soon after we fought a lot

pity the issue better we fought

I lost the love for myself

I thought I was becoming like him


One fine day when I wouldn’t stand it all

I ran away from everyone

what was I doing?

what was I thinking?

I thought I have become a lot like him


he left me midway

maybe forced too

but now I was alone

no place to go


I fought with myself

I fought with the situation

not sure of where it would lead me

I thought I was becoming a lot like him


I met another man

after long I felt I could love again

he cared for me

he loved me enough

but somewhere at the back of my mind

I was sure I had become like him


The constant complaints I had

the constant craving for attention I longed

what was it?

I thought I had become a lot like him


One fine day when I thought

we would talk about the future ahead

he laughed at me and said

yes! you have become HIM

not just a lot but….HIM

the constant crying, the complaints, the chatter

wasn’t all jolly anymore

and I was sure I had become him


we both have dreams

we both have goals

we are reading a book

although not the same anymore


it struck me then

how much both of them affected me

one in a good while one in a bad way

yes I have become a lot like him


Don’t want to lose you – I said

not sure if you had me in the first place – he exclaimed


I laugh at myself now

how can one destroy or mend the other

either way I loved and lost

whether it was by choice or not


now I make merry with the fact

that I have lost myself to become either of them

half man & woman.png





He was walking down the street in the moonlight
With darkness around
No one to count

He felt a sudden urge to look back
Someone followed him he thought
But found no trace or track

Up ahead he saw
Someone he knew who died mercilessly

Hello! – said she
Hey there! He responded with glee
Long time I must say
You haven’t missed me much since my last day

Sadly she was right
The man cried in respite
He said he was sorry
Work, money, life kept him busy

She laughed and said
I loved you enough to think of you day and night ahead
I kept following you around all the time

Then when you entered the church
After centuries or ages or months
I came along
To pray to the almighty
To want to be with my love who I stalked everyday

You loved me?
Why dint you tell me?
We could have made it work
I’m sure – she said

I longed to meet you at the turn to live a happy life thereafter
But you dint turn up and my life came to an end

The bruises hurt not as much
as the fact to have lost you
But today I came to life again
When you lost your life too