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He was walking down the street in the moonlight
With darkness around
No one to count

He felt a sudden urge to look back
Someone followed him he thought
But found no trace or track

Up ahead he saw
Someone he knew who died mercilessly

Hello! – said she
Hey there! He responded with glee
Long time I must say
You haven’t missed me much since my last day

Sadly she was right
The man cried in respite
He said he was sorry
Work, money, life kept him busy

She laughed and said
I loved you enough to think of you day and night ahead
I kept following you around all the time

Then when you entered the church
After centuries or ages or months
I came along
To pray to the almighty
To want to be with my love who I stalked everyday

You loved me?
Why dint you tell me?
We could have made it work
I’m sure – she said

I longed to meet you at the turn to live a happy life thereafter
But you dint turn up and my life came to an end

The bruises hurt not as much
as the fact to have lost you
But today I came to life again
When you lost your life too


I always try to think out of the box. i love poetry and hope to contribute my best to the field :)

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