In life we meet many people

Some in person some as reel


We don’t realize yet we affect

The anonymous power that we comprehend


Pink and blue crystal clear

Spoke to each now and here


Pink forgot the sorrows and fears, when met blue to have their hour

Blue checked off this meeting on the list, while playing with the watch on the wrist


The cheer blue brought to pink’s life

Pink stayed put by blue’s side


Love was what pink called it, while blue said nothing and promised no bit

Individuals they were in the flock, yet anonymous aura they blocked


They had the signs time and again

Pink for betrayal, blue for help


Somehow they missed in oversight

Feelings exit,  thoughts just might


When they looked deep within

Where was this headed they questioned miming


Anonymous aura around always

Wasn’t the right thing to ignore it once again


It was the time to choose the path

This or that or nothing at all



Fire and Ice

Opposites attract

At least they are supposed to

As everyone follows the magnet

Stone heart, cold blood

Yet you feel the warmth in me

That ignites the ice in me to melt

Anger on nose, tempered short

Makes you want your emotions to frost

In return you calm and nod

Have you ever seen the heart? The actual human heart?

Its like at times you pump in the bad blood and I flush it out

While the dirt sticks on with me while the pure blood leaves you in respite

Words and emotions, don’t go along

Either Or, Neither Nor

Agreements and not

Make the bond strong

As the opposites attract

So do we

I am the ice and you burn the fire in ME


The mighty dark cloud

One morning at dawn

I saw dark clouds approaching my ground

It looked scary by the sight of it

But I felt relieved for the mud it built


Some find it romantic, the clouds

And I wonder, what is it all about?

The rain, the wet earth

The drenched bodies with exasperated breaths


The food maybe; I thought?

Clouds brought in it all

Hot cup of coffee and some cake

And the enchanting sound of the rain


Kids enjoying the wet grounds

Thunder built excitement all around

No one can tell how bad it might rain

Lets wait and watch nature’s game


From the dry warm sunny bright day

It moved to a drenched cold gloomy night

Shiver running through my spine

With the silence that filled the air


All the chatter has stopped

Kids happy and grown-ups were lost

Some feeling romantic while some depressed

Mood swings set in the rest


My heart racing while I kept thinking

How fragile is the human mind and heart

The clouds played and we danced along