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The mighty dark cloud

One morning at dawn

I saw dark clouds approaching my ground

It looked scary by the sight of it

But I felt relieved for the mud it built


Some find it romantic, the clouds

And I wonder, what is it all about?

The rain, the wet earth

The drenched bodies with exasperated breaths


The food maybe; I thought?

Clouds brought in it all

Hot cup of coffee and some cake

And the enchanting sound of the rain


Kids enjoying the wet grounds

Thunder built excitement all around

No one can tell how bad it might rain

Lets wait and watch nature’s game


From the dry warm sunny bright day

It moved to a drenched cold gloomy night

Shiver running through my spine

With the silence that filled the air


All the chatter has stopped

Kids happy and grown-ups were lost

Some feeling romantic while some depressed

Mood swings set in the rest


My heart racing while I kept thinking

How fragile is the human mind and heart

The clouds played and we danced along




I always try to think out of the box. i love poetry and hope to contribute my best to the field :)

4 thoughts on “The mighty dark cloud

  1. Such an irony…. The rain that we liked and craved for as kids is the same rain that we curse and crib about now….. As we grow up, we kill the child in us, I suppose.

  2. Nicely put. Human emotions are like the mighty dark cloud. After it disappears it makes way for mesmerizing sunshine again.

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