Before I met you

What was my life like?

Now that I have you I keep wondering…
Pondering on the thought that

How different was life before you came along…
What if we don’t last forever?

Life is too short to wonder

Live life to the fullest

As I surrender

It’s not like we were born with the will to find that one special person

But when we do.. what changes everything?
The joy and sorrow we share

The rhymes and rythm we endure
To love

To live

To cherish

And to surpass
The sorrow around

To make the most of the life we have
If I were to think

Of a life without you

It takes me longer to accept the possibility as I don’t want to

Ever in my life to think of a moment away from you

The unspoken

I wake up in the morning

Get ready for a usual day at work

You get me breakfast and lunch

Something I thought I dint deserve

You say no word

You have no complaint

You are always busy doing something or the other

How do you hold up that smile, I wonder

It being a rest day for me

I woke up late to see

Look at you all day

Wonder what I gave your way

My spouse you are

Not my maid

You do all the chores

That keep me abreast

I love you. Love you much

Cannot express it in words

I try hard everyday

Yet my words end up shying away

You on the other hand

Do everything there is

You surely have complaints

And you wonder if it’s worth the pain

Somehow we spent so long, together

Not saying a word

My actions shall devour

The unspoken word