Our heart is a special place

Too many feelings entrapped

The near and dear faces

Always on our heart’s map
Someone I knew was special to me

Living far away to see

My heart, skipped a beat

My heart’s map had us to be
Together we can be, always

If not in person, then let’s chase

Life as it gets our way

Let’s not lose the hope, we brace
Imaginary yet true

I do have feelings, for you

I may never get to show them to you

If my life doesn’t get me, to you
That doesn’t end our chase

We may be abreast

Peace we shall make up with

As our choices limit
And yes at the end of it all

To the brawling life we applause

I know for the fact within

That you will stay as my friend till the end


She wrapped the beads on her ankle

She prayed to the gods all around

She stepped on the stage like an angel

She left the audience astound

Gracefully she moved her limbs

Her expressions led her following

To the world she announced

With her movements not her mouth
Creating a picture unknown to the viewers

Playing with the mind, color the picture forever

Ruling the stage with her command

With the story, she gave us a chance
Alone she performed the man and the woman

Showing the ecstasy and the rundown

The love story she narrated all along

Bridging the hiatus between the stage and her own

Unexpected Battlefield

When we come to life
We don’t know the fact
That the battle ground is laid out
Till the time lasts

Once you step your foot
On the wrong Stone
You tumble and rumble
On the ground below

It’s a conscious choice you make
To deal with life as you take
Another shot at the enemy’s gate
To win the battle and rule the yen

And the saga continues
From the start till the end
Until one has fallen
And the other arose instead

Who am I?

Have you ever wondered

Who are you? 

What is it that makes you.. you

What is it that you sense when you look at yourself in the mirror?
Is it the looks?

Is it the hair?

Is it the way you cover your misfortunes with make-up ?

Or is it your toned self?
I looked at myself carefully in the mirror

At first sight I felt horror

The eyes looked morose

The face looked wrinkled 

The body looked petite

And the hair looked brittle
Inner peace I called out

When I saw myself sold out

Was it always the exterior that inspired me to be me?

The more I questioned the more I let me free
Lying on the bed I gave it a thought

Challenged my brain and racked the lot

Why am I alive? What’s my purpose?

And many more questions followed unanswered
And ofcourse the devil had to wake up

Had to remind me if I was too old to give up

The devil is my best bud,he keeps me occupied

To make sure I don’t slip out of sight
I asked myself…who am I?

Just another girl in the crowd gone by

I realised it when the twinkle in my eye

Said to me – inner self is real rest all part thy