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Last Dance

She was born elite

Silver spoon fed she led

All her life till she was

Dependent on the fortune with she was born

Never did she see misery

Compromise was not in her dictionary

Cheerful and bubbly

She was happy though momentarily

Then came the time

When she was to decide

To choose to live the life she did

Or make it on her own

Something she never did before

She chose to make it on her own

Pride she felt when she decided

Had no clue what fate had in store instead

She started slow, with her basics catered to

Baby steps she took, time was at her feet

Soon she felt she could and would

Do everything she needed to

Around she saw, people and their struggles

Never experienced that before, she wanted it too

Steps turned to sprints, life was now 9-5 routine

To her surprise, she enjoyed it all

Challenges she faced, crushed them through

Tired she felt, with the monogamy

Change that she was used to once

Was by far gone

The bubble burst, tears rolled down her cheeks

Swollen eyes and tired she was

When she realised, the chase was to survive

Than to make it on your own

Never to have faced it before, she chose to give up

Not thinking of the consequences, she decided to end her life

Alone she was then to have decided to be so

To have lost the chance to her last dance


I always try to think out of the box. i love poetry and hope to contribute my best to the field :)

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