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Oh Mandy!

She was 4 when she sang her first song,

Music was her everything and she knew that all along

She wanted to fill every bit of her with music

But only if she knew, what was in store to deal with

She could have avoided, devastating her

She could have avoided, drowning her

But as they say, life never stops

She knew she had to live, how much ever she lost

The memory of her losing the hearing ability, Still fresh in her mind

Trembling she was, losing her senses one at a time

A mere infection, made her sacrifice

Her dream, her everything…..

Yes it will take time

Only for her father, so strong as he was

Gave her the ray of hope, she needed to stop the rundown

I cannot hear daddy – she said

How will I play the guitar? – gutter she felt

You may be deaf but you are not blind,

Open your eyes and see the right sign

She connected her tuner to the guitar and felt

Music once again, life she dealt

Her motto since then is to strive,

Oh Mandy, You ought to try!


Dedicated to Mandy Harvey..


I always try to think out of the box. i love poetry and hope to contribute my best to the field :)

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