A Graham crumble crust,

Roasted flavoured crunch,

A fluffy cream cheese filling,

Thinking of which I’m drooling


Covered off with whipped cream,

Caramel sauce layered in between,

Delicious as it is,

Slicing it is intense


This is our cheesecake,

The one made with love and emotion,

Fulfilling the crave,

Demonstrating desires a million


Our relationship is like this cheesecake,

Many layers on top of the other,

Moments pass in indulging,

Sweet nothing together

Lust or Love

We met one day, virtually

We hit it off well, evidently

We were much like each other,

Made it obvious for us to get closer

Just the look in her eyes,

Made me feel if I should tell her the truth,

Of my life, she could call them lies,

Instead I let myself drown in her chord

I was falling in love with her,

I knew it was wrong,

Much to my desire,

She brought me to life

When I opened my eyes,

I saw my wife and kids,

Though she was mine,

I couldn’t add her beside

She was my soulmate,

I sensed it the day I looked in her eyes,

But I was bound, to my mate

Shattered, as I couldn’t bear the lies

Should I term this as lust?

Should I term it as love?

A decision was must,

To both I owed


Why do we hear the birds on the tree chirping but we cannot see the air around us?
Why do we skip a beat when someone lays their eyes on us?

Why does one have to feel to know what it’s like? To smash their own self and break what’s left inside?
Why does sympathy win over empathy in our minds?

It took me years to realize, when my heart was broken
With my own hands, cause his touch was his body and not his eyes

It’s too late for me to lift myself and walk away,
As if nothing happened ever, I don’t have anything to give away

My body feels stiff, I know I am breathing
I cannot sense much, I’m acting receptive

My brain gave up on me and I lost my track
Numb is all I am, though you see me get back……..