A lost cause

Heart rate dropping,
Numb body,
I know what is happening,
But can show nobody

My eyes turn pale,
While my brain tells me to stay calm,
And I know this is it,
Something I never hoped for

Religious that I am,
I pray even now for another chance,
At a distance I can hear,
the ventilator go blank

I asked myself, while dying slowly,
A reason for my prayers, even the last minute,
What was I to do even if I were alive?
Second chance so huge, needs to be justified

They say things happen for a reason,
A reasonable count for,
As much as we might strive,
It is a lost cause

The blank page

On a slow Sunday, I read a book,

It was a story of a king who did no good,

Drawing the picture in my mind,

I fell asleep, going back in time.


When the king, brutal yet wise,

Showed no mercy, only vice,

The picture playing, in my mind,

Was a killing, none other but mine.


He killed me for a reason I don’t know,

Tears trickle down my cheeks as I saw,

With shaky limbs I woke up,

To darkness around, no light showed up.


I went back to the book, hoping to find clues,

Why did I see a dream so not good?

Flipping through the book, I found,

Blank pages, it built a void.


Wondering if I should read from the start,

Not feel defeated or a broken heart,

With a glass of water, gulped down my throat,

I decided to start on a new note.


I was killed by the evil king, maybe for a crime,

Or maybe by his will, I let him pry,

I had to change the story, in my way,

The blank pages, were there to stay.