Moon and me

As a kid, I was told a story,
Look at the moon, and sleep in it’s Glory,
It was the elders who taught us so,
They forgot to mention, moon has places else to go

Every morning I would go looking for him,
And found his buddy, the sun soaking me in,
I asked the sun where was my friend,
‘He will return close to sunset’ he said

For days I thought, the moon was angry with me,
He did not show up, and help me sleep,
While sometimes, he would play with me,
Peekaboo! An angle from here or from there he would be

Today after all these years, when I look at the sky and find him there,
It is a relief that my faith survived, my oldest friend lived all my life,

I had to find, a special place for him,
Always in my heart and thoughts, I need more than this,
I was to carve him in my life, like he has for years every night,
Inked it, as the phases of life

The broken angel

There was an angel, young and strong,
Aspiring to grow, life long,
Brown eyes, wavy hair,
She was the kinds, that’ll make you stare

A demon came along, for a while,
He knew he was different, wanted to fit the line,
Handsome he was, different to the rest,
In no time he caught the angel, mesmerized in his glare

Young hearts, they fell in love,
Not bothering about the world, they built a cove,
Soon the angel, fell sick often,
her love was unanswered, she was to topple

And then, the love was lost,
Unknowingly he, did not respond,
She had the cracks visible, on her body & soul,
It made him grow stronger, beyond the cove

She was beyond repair, that din’t stop her
His strength was out of control, he left her,
Beautiful the cove was, but bitterness all around,
She had to help the cove survive, it was the only witness to her tragic life