The untouchable

There was a man, who cleaned the streets,
Gathered the trash, lived in bleak,
Trying to make our lives better, with no gain notable,
While doing a job so Noble, he was considered untouchable

She was dark, stinky and blue,
She cleaned the washroom, for others to use,
While helping others, maintain their hygiene,
She was considered untouchable and dirty

She was a victim, of a heinous crime,
Touched against her will, she couldn’t help but cry,
More than hoping for her better life, her family denied,
Untouchable she was treated, she succumbed to her harsh life

She was married to a wealthy man, but lived in slums,
She did not do any chores, filthy to none,
She was clean, educated and a healthy human,
Her vicinity made her untouchable for others

Under the sunshine

Under the sunlight, everything shines,
Before it dies, a glorious right
It feels wonderful, under the sunshine,
On the bright side, flashes of light

look at the flower, it’s so peaceful,
It blooms with the sun, and dies with it too,
The sun gives power to shine, Also the one to takes it from you,
Be good to it, it lives within you too

Sometimes I wonder, why is the sun round,
Is it just a coincidence, or bound,
After pondering at that thought, for a while,
In my mind I concluded, it’s the circle of life

If it gives life, and takes it too,
If it let’s you grow, make you weak too,
Remember it’s there, as much as you run away,
Tan & skin burns, are there to stay

As long as it shines, one will affect,
It’s your perspective that matters, forget the rest
Look at the change, as a second chance to revive,
Rejuvenate and live, relive till you die