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The bald chick

I was born with beautiful hair,
Strong long, no reason to care,
Was always sure to have had,
Hair on head, longer than I ever had.

As I grew, didn’t the hair,
I grew strong, they lost their flare,
I was a grown up, bothered about my looks,
Soon I could see, a bald look.

Some are lucky, some are not,
Sooner than I thought, wider got the bald,
Less hair on my head, more on the floor,
Shampoo lost its will, conditioner said no more.

The strong woman in me, scolded me out loud,
Who are you bothered about? Yourself or everyone about?
I always took charge, of everything around,
Except for me, I overlooked my own.

One day, I went rouge,
Let my skin breathe, let them all go,
For the first time, I saw myself,
Exposed I felt, with no hair.

Tears trickled, down my cheeks,
Not cause I lost them, but I leaped,
Today I saw, who I was,
The bald chick, a new world began.


I always try to think out of the box. i love poetry and hope to contribute my best to the field :)

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