To be a woman

Lucky if born, comes to life,
Born strong, giving birth is her right.

Even today, as she walks,
Household chores, are her tasks.

Born in disparity, raised in trench,
A girl knows what it’s like to be hurt and vent.

I want the love, the feeling you have,
For my brother, even if they don’t care.

This is, the window of opportunity,
To give love as you want, as it’s your baby.

Compromise, is what we are taught,
Much before, ABCD and what not.

Give and share, never expect,
Don’t think so much, you are better this way.

Indecisive, by force,
She keeps calm, till she realised.

Don’t forget, the goddess,
She can always revive.

Not just men, sometimes even women,
Fail to understand, what it’s like to be a woman.

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