I was very tired, exhausted indeed,
Waiting to lie on the bed, only sleep.
I heard on the news, on the way back,
The world was trembling, experiencing a wack.

Finally, the moment came,
Sleep and I, were chatting away.
Sleep asked, what one fears?
Disappointment, always shifting gears.

Suddenly, it was a different world,
I knew it must be, from my dreamworks.
Large lands, not fields,
A plastic eskimo, made to live in.

Different language, everyone spoke,
I said something, they heard no more,
Huskies angry, the weather was hot,
All looked at me, to switch the winter now.

The sun was up, long hours,
Northern lights at night, all over,
Saw less mankind, less vegetation,
I gittered with panic, in my imagination.

I knew this place, on my to-do list,
Forever cold, the pole it be,
Snow vanished, nothing left now,
Climate change is real, a surrender bow.

Extreme changes, left man wandering,
Survival of the fittest, left them striving,
Man must soon, act to live,
That’s the only way to, switch the beat.

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