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What a girl wants

A little respect, lots of love,
Freedom of choice, above all.

She’s a person, just like you,
Always treat her, like it’s you.

She ain’t, something to own,
Don’t label her, all along.

Fat thin, slim or fit,
She is perfect, the way she is.

A human, boy or a girl,
Has the right, to put themselves first.

Your actions, harmful or not,
Treat her equal, no doubt at all.

Men and women, there’s no either or,
The world runs better, if you balance it out.

You want a man, to survive?
Let the woman decide, when the time is right.

Serve as you get, may you never forget,
What goes around, comes around instead.

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Jo milna tha, mil Gaya,
Jo chaha tha, Safal hua.

Unse umeed, bas yahi hai,
Hamari Pehchan, banaye rakhe.

Shikve gile, hote rahenge,
Jab tak saath ho, zindagi jeete rahenge.

Kismat Mano, ya na,
Saathi hamara, saath nibhana.

Kabhi lagta tha, akele hi Sahi,
Gham bhi Apne, Khushi bhi apni.

Apse mulakat, woh din woh pal,
Ittefaq kismat Chahat ya, bas ek yaad.