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What a girl wants

A little respect, lots of love,
Freedom of choice, above all.

She’s a person, just like you,
Always treat her, like it’s you.

She ain’t, something to own,
Don’t label her, all along.

Fat thin, slim or fit,
She is perfect, the way she is.

A human, boy or a girl,
Has the right, to put themselves first.

Your actions, harmful or not,
Treat her equal, no doubt at all.

Men and women, there’s no either or,
The world runs better, if you balance it out.

You want a man, to survive?
Let the woman decide, when the time is right.

Serve as you get, may you never forget,
What goes around, comes around instead.


I always try to think out of the box. i love poetry and hope to contribute my best to the field :)

6 thoughts on “What a girl wants

  1. I agree with every line! Hope the world is a better place for our daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, friends!

  2. Great lines Rskoshe !!
    Indeed great though truly it’s incredible.
    Blessed to be a girl and the world should admit that we are pivotal part of it…!!

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