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Conversations in my mind

Sitting alone, in a room full of people,
Everyone interacting, keeping me aside,
I have conversations, in my mind.

I see the woman, with the pearl necklace,
She looked prettiest, to everyone,
Their undivided attention, was her fun.

I saw the old man, grumpy to be with many,
Wanted the importance, like the lady,
Was not ready to stoop, for his credibility.

I saw the Steward, in the corner,
Least interested, and did not bother,
Serving others was, his bread and butter.

In a distance, I saw a man,
Sitting like me, observant,
Thought he was copying me but, it was my mere reflection.

Like these, there are many more,
Thoughts somewhat, Meaningless sometimes,
but, I hear these voices in my mind.

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India’s Daughter

A girl playing in her backyard,

Kidnapped and killed for fun,

You over-protect and try to secure,

Societal pressure got you now?

You spend a lot of money,

For all the materialistic wealth,

My freedom is still lost,

When will I find it now?

You stop me from staying alone,

You want me to have an escort always,

Father, brother or a husband,

Does this really help?

I learn to cook sew and dress,

Children and household is my den,

I can too innovate and discover,

Will I get a direction ever?

Let women roam freely,

Let them fall and rise,

They don’t need protection,

Understand we are human alike.

You say leave this country,

Settle somewhere else,

That’s a dream come true,

Is this actually true?

I love my country,

I want to keep it safe,

Accept there is deficiency,

Can we remediate?

The sooner we begin,

The sooner there will be justice,

Kill the demon within,

Release the guarding angel then.

Every girl is India’s daughter,

Sooner you accept, the better,

Tainting my name is not going to help,

If you don’t let me survive, forget about a ‘generation’ next

India's Daughter