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Today’s Addict

You are an addict, when you crave,
They said to me, and I did not care.

Stop now or, you will suffer,
Another sign, went down the gutter.

Try to survive without it, just once,
Said everybody, you will save tons.

Nature saw this, decided to act,
Mankind indecisive, unknowingly joined hands.

Developed a virus, killing around the world,
Forcing us to stay home, it’s what you earned.

Addicts face a tough time, in such a situation,
Much wanted detox, is their aggression.

Today’s day is important, count your blessings,
De-addict yourself, learn this big lesson.

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Kuch iss tarah

Aur kuch is tarah, meri yaadein jawan rahi,
Kehe ye aasmaan, aur zameen.

Janam liya us insaan ne, badalne duniya ki gati,
Use kya pata tha, gati ya dur-gati.

Jaanleva jeena, ye toh roz ka tha,
Ek dusre ko sambhalna, apne hisse me tha.

Koi mane ya na mane, duniya nahi badli,
Insaan ka nazariya, aur uski niyat badal gayi.

Sans lete lete, jeevan guzar gaye,
Roz ki jaroorate, puri na kar sake.

Abb bhi der na hui, sambhalo apne aap ko,
Chaho to bhi rok na pao, us jallad ko.

Abhi samay hai, jeelo jab tak,
Kudrat de sakti hai, usi hadd tak.

Humne kahaan, dekho us asmaan ko,
Aur ye zameen, dekhti reh gayi.