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Quarantine and me

Can we once, forget the pandemic,
Look at the situation and, think positive?

This quarantine, the first in my lifetime,
Taught me, the good in bad times.

Quarantined, as a precaution,
Stocked and ready, food as ammunition.

First few days, happy to be home,
Till home-work caught up, hoping I go phut.

Cautious at every step, food and drinks alike,
Decided to use this time, enjoying my life.

Never have I ever, cooked so much food,
Some old some new, experiments too.

Soon I stopped, fitting in my pants,
Started a home workout, lying on mats.

Now I feel, this is my new normal,
What’ll happen, when we experience renewal?

Everyone has felt, some damage within,
Repair it and remember, you are not alone in this.


I always try to think out of the box. i love poetry and hope to contribute my best to the field :)

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