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A Lullaby, sweet lullaby!

Clear sky, a silent night,
Here I write, for you,
Let the words paint a picture,
It’s time to sleep, says cuckoo.

A Lullaby, sweet lullaby,
Listen and drift away.

Grasslands plush and green,
Surrounded by mango trees,
Clear blue sky and mountains high,
River flowing beneath.

A Lullaby, sweet lullaby,
Listen and drift away.

Hear the birds chirping,
See the sun shine,
You rest on the grasslands,
Rhyming all the time.

A Lullaby, sweet lullaby,
Listen and drift away.

As you grow, let these dreams,
Take you places, as you win,
I wish you always, my best,
As I gift you this lullaby, my sweet lullaby.

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I am a woman

Yes! I am a woman. So what?
Why does my existence threaten you so much, that you attack me?

Yes! I am educated. So what?
My individual growth in return, is a boon to many.

Yes! I am single. So what?
What gives you the right to call it incorrect if I am happy in my space not affecting anybody?

Yes! I earn more than my spouse. So what?
It’s OUR money and not yours to comment.

This year has brought, so much uncertainty,
Though we live in a society, we need to gaurd our individuality.

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Square one

It’s so funny, when people say,
You start here, at square one.

Cause at times, if unlucky,
You end up, at square one.

You crash, or burn,
Still your are, at square one.

Till you reach, the destination,
Keep looking, at square one.

Multiple attempts, and choices,
Keep you grounded, at square one.

It’s so human, to love numbers,
Still you’re stuck, at square one.

It’s only, once you reach,
You track back, to square one.