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I fell in love, looking at you,
In a movie poster, releasing soon!
I saw you on, the big screen,
The very minute I knew, we had to meet.

I was 14, you were 25,
I was naive, living in my hive.
Very soon, I followed every word,
Written or spoken about you, by others.

Insecure I felt, don’t know why,
I tried everything, for feelings to pass by.
Soon I forgot, you existed in my mind,
I moved away from you, closeted behind.

Then the moment came, 20 years later,
I met you in person, amongst all clutter.
For you, I was just another fan,
But for me, my life had just began.

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Earth day

In the milky way, with million stars,
You shine bright, in our hearts.

A home to billions, animal and plants,
Each is unique, just like you are.

So many regions, so many seasons,
Mountains and plains, rivers and trails.

Oh! Mother Earth, we hurt you for generations,
Stop now and rethink, earth needs nutrition.

Forgive us as your children, we will change,
Save our planet is, our pledge today.