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Human Element

I don’t know this feeling, I am unfamiliar,
It feels incomplete, it feels unreal.

I have love and respect, a voice and space,
Yet I feel distant, pondering on my mistakes.

Right now in this moment, I am looking at myself,
From a third person’s perspective, my worth is my wealth.

Constant analysis, introspection they say,
Is taking a toll on me, almost everyday.

I am in the moment, yet so lost,
My constant struggle of, right and wrong.

A slight delay, a silly mistake,
I am living, my human element.

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A sound, a gesture,
An expression and, an emotion.

Sometimes scream, sometimes yell,
Chaos and silence, balance it well.

You may, write it differently,
But you, say the same things.

Perceive it, the way it is intended,
If possible, don’t stumble midway.

Speak read and write, as you need to,
You feel it, just the way I do.

It’s a matter of, mind and heart,
Build your language, from the start.

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24 hours

You don’t know, what you gain,
How precious are, these 24 hours.

1 hour, 2 hour, three or four,
The clock resets, every 24 hours.

Balance your life, eat and rest,
You have enough time, in these 24 hours.

Start with, one task at a time,
Quality matters, make it worth the while.

You may stop but, time ain’t stopping,
Make it count while, you can achieve.

Time will tell you, when you should stop,
Reach nirvana, when time says, Now!

It’ll last you a lifetime, start young,
Make better decisions, 24 hours is all it takes.

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शब्द आणि निशब्द,
माणूस म्हणून आपण नेहेमीच काढत राहतो अर्थ.

अर्था शिवय समजुक नाही,
आणि सगळं कळलं तर त्याला अर्थ नाही.

ह्या अर्थाच्या बुद्धिबळाच्या खेळाला.
सगळेच बळी पडतात.

म्हणायचं तरी काय ह्याला?
मानसिक कुचंबणा? का चोख विश्लेषण?

आणि आज निरर्थक वाटणारे प्रश्नांना,
वेगळाच सापडलाय अर्थ.