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A subtle breeze, chill spreading through,
The weather is changing, monsoon was due.

From the hot soils, to the barren lands,
Clouds spread away, as much as they can.

Thunder and lightning, Summers are gone,
The land smiles, greenery around.

A cup of hot tea, munchies to accompany,
Leave everything and, speak with the scenery.

You may or may not ask, but the rain will respond,
To each its own, thoughts and beyond.

You might as well, sing along with the rain,
It’s a conversation to cherish, forget your pain.

Enjoy while you can, till it lasts,
Dont Brood over, monsoons from the past.


I always try to think out of the box. i love poetry and hope to contribute my best to the field :)

5 thoughts on “Monsoon

  1. Coincidentally it’s pouring…and your beautiful lines have motivated me to hold my coffee immediately….

  2. Monsoon is my favorite season. Especially after being cooped up at home because of the Pandemic. Reading something like this really gives a positive vibe and reminds you that the better days are coming 🙂 great work Rajanigandha

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