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Come away with me

To the mountains, the large waters,
To the forests, the never-ending beaches,
Come away with me.

Across the horizon, look beyond,
Step forward, shed the fear,
Come away with me.

Keep up the speed, hold my hand,
Match my step, move with rhythm,
Come away with me.

Light up that smile, let go of all worries,
Be yourself, blend in,
Come away with me.

Don’t stop, keep moving,
Reach the destination, later if not today,
Come away with me.

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Together, forever

It’s been a while, since we met,
Yet my heart is full, I have no regrets.

I remember our time, once in a while,
The time we spent, the last time we met.

We drifted apart, reasons known to us,
But did we move on? It dint break our trust.

I wonder sometimes, if we meet ever,
Will, we hold back our emotions together?

You came in my life, like a blazing bolt,
Turned my life, upside down in one go.

Shallow or deep, we tested waters,
Slowly built it constant, our liaison.

With grays and wrinkles, I hope to see you,
Wait up for me, I am right after you.