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कहने को, ये है पुराना,
किसी कोने में, बंद डिब्बी मे रखा।

शायद, सब भूल भी गए,
वोह किस्से, छोटे और बड़े।

हर पीढी, हर जमाना,
उन्हें हमेशा, याद दिलाना।

ऐसा बना, और बढ़ा,
कभी न घटने वाला, इतिहास।

पुनरावृत्ति, होती रहेगी,
आज जो टला, शायद कल होगा।

उम्मीद न छोड़ना, अपनी राह चलना,
इन पन्नों पर, अपना इतिहास रचना।

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It’s Okay!

From pitch dark, to the bright sunshine,
We see it everyday, feel it everytime.

Just like them, moon and sun,
From dawn to dusk, I am my own constant.

Hide sometimes, behind the clouds,
Camouflage, with my world around.

Stand out in a crowd, feel my presence,
I Preach, follow my guidance.

I may, cry like the peak monsoon,
Or shine, like the spring.

I may, whither like autumn,
Or be cold, like the Arctic snow.

Be your own hero, let those eyes sparkle,
The mind recites, the heart actions.

It’s okay! be a little selfish,
For your sanity, health and confidence.

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The most unexpected, the astonishing,
An experience it is, surprising.

A hope, thought and desire, unknowingly,
When come true, is surprising.

Happiness beyond words, thousand emotions,
A feeling of being loved, adulation.

Moment, of a new beginning,
Morale high, strength newfound.

Change too quick, be prepared,
Surprise is a moment, here and there.

Accept it soon, feel better now,
If you miss it, it’s a surprise gone wrong.