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Curls neatly tied in a bun,
Colorful clips to match the dress,
A bit of make-up just for fun,
The smile feels like a warm caress.

Some jewels to complete the look,
Sitting with posture off the hook,
Ironed clothes for the occasion,
Looking at the camera as a priced possession,

Click click click you can hear,
The moment was captured forever,
Unfiltered the prints come off,
You re-live the moment now.

“What do you need this picture for?”,He asked,
“To frame on the wall”, she said,
He thought it was for a happy occasion,
She never told him the real reason.

A few months later a man came to the store,
Wanted a few copies of the picture from before,
He asked all copies to be framed,
The shopkeeper realised it was end game.

The pretty face knew death was near,
She dint hesitate but persisted,
Don’t live in someone’s shadow,
Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

He kept her photo framed in his store,
With the family’s permission he asked before,
He knew his death was near,
Her photo helped him persevere.

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Confined space and a window,
Four walls and a roof,
Chaos way below,
My four steps is the proof.

At all times,
I can look out the window,
Can’t go near it but,
It guides me thorough.

I saw a bright sunrise,
Suddenly the picture changed,
It’s cold and gloomy,
And then it rained.

I saw colorful highlands,
Filled with plush green grass and flowers,
I blinked and it turned pictures,
Now it was empty barren land.

It was neither timed nor sequential,
It was the outcome of human endeavour,
Suddenly I realised I was made to believe,
What the silhouette had me receive.

Like a puppet I moved,
From pillar to post I groved,
To agree with you at times,
To fight with all otherwise.

Like a machine I was a tool,
Only two options was the logic,
No maybe but only false or true,
The results were convincing and tragic.