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To my Grandma Rajni

Let me tell you a story,
Of a younger sibling who was feisty.

She was born in a humble home,
Not much earning or land they owned.

She was the fifth of the six siblings,
A fun filled home and sibling dynamics.

Quite the social butterfly she was,
Made friends on streets, school and grocery stores.

Hardship was her middle name,
Brave and determined she became.

The society demanded her to play by the rules,
She knew to succeed she had to break a few.

She made her decisions and she claimed her voice,
She found the love of her life by choice.

The support she received from her new family,
Made her independent naturally.

A little family they build of their own,
A daughter a son made their world wholesome.

Kitty parties and a little break once a while,
Gave her the strength to pedal through with all her might.

She spent the next forty years of her life,
Earning money paying bills and helping others alike.

And one day she retired to learn to unwind,
Grandchildren took priority and hobbies she liked.

She knit sweaters and caps and designed a lot,
She was the coolest grandma on the block.

After 78 years of living a hard yet happy life,
The feisty girl accepted her eventual fate alright.

Slowly her body gave up on her,
Her lively spirit tried to uplift her.

When she said her goodbyes to her loved ones,
They knew her final moments had come.

One last goodbye to my grandma Rajni,
May your soul rest in peace.


I always try to think out of the box. i love poetry and hope to contribute my best to the field :)

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