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आगे चलते रहना सभी को ही,
रुकावत नहीं ठहराव चाहिए।

सोचते हैं हम सब की मूकम आ गया,
कम जानते हैं की अब कयाम की बारी है।

फुर्सत में कभी याद कीजेगा,
इन्हीं तमाम लम्हों को।

गुजरे हुए वक्त में ही,
कयामत से किस्मत का वास्ता है।

बीता हुआ कल कभी न भूलना,
आने वाला कल फुर्सत में आएगा।

आज ही है जो अपनो का,
कल संवारे और कल निखारे।

बस इसी तरह मुकाम की खोज में,
कयाम से गुफ्तगू कर लीजिएगा।

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कहने को, ये है पुराना,
किसी कोने में, बंद डिब्बी मे रखा।

शायद, सब भूल भी गए,
वोह किस्से, छोटे और बड़े।

हर पीढी, हर जमाना,
उन्हें हमेशा, याद दिलाना।

ऐसा बना, और बढ़ा,
कभी न घटने वाला, इतिहास।

पुनरावृत्ति, होती रहेगी,
आज जो टला, शायद कल होगा।

उम्मीद न छोड़ना, अपनी राह चलना,
इन पन्नों पर, अपना इतिहास रचना।

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It’s Okay!

From pitch dark, to the bright sunshine,
We see it everyday, feel it everytime.

Just like them, moon and sun,
From dawn to dusk, I am my own constant.

Hide sometimes, behind the clouds,
Camouflage, with my world around.

Stand out in a crowd, feel my presence,
I Preach, follow my guidance.

I may, cry like the peak monsoon,
Or shine, like the spring.

I may, whither like autumn,
Or be cold, like the Arctic snow.

Be your own hero, let those eyes sparkle,
The mind recites, the heart actions.

It’s okay! be a little selfish,
For your sanity, health and confidence.

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The most unexpected, the astonishing,
An experience it is, surprising.

A hope, thought and desire, unknowingly,
When come true, is surprising.

Happiness beyond words, thousand emotions,
A feeling of being loved, adulation.

Moment, of a new beginning,
Morale high, strength newfound.

Change too quick, be prepared,
Surprise is a moment, here and there.

Accept it soon, feel better now,
If you miss it, it’s a surprise gone wrong.

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Come away with me

To the mountains, the large waters,
To the forests, the never-ending beaches,
Come away with me.

Across the horizon, look beyond,
Step forward, shed the fear,
Come away with me.

Keep up the speed, hold my hand,
Match my step, move with rhythm,
Come away with me.

Light up that smile, let go of all worries,
Be yourself, blend in,
Come away with me.

Don’t stop, keep moving,
Reach the destination, later if not today,
Come away with me.

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Together, forever

It’s been a while, since we met,
Yet my heart is full, I have no regrets.

I remember our time, once in a while,
The time we spent, the last time we met.

We drifted apart, reasons known to us,
But did we move on? It dint break our trust.

I wonder sometimes, if we meet ever,
Will, we hold back our emotions together?

You came in my life, like a blazing bolt,
Turned my life, upside down in one go.

Shallow or deep, we tested waters,
Slowly built it constant, our liaison.

With grays and wrinkles, I hope to see you,
Wait up for me, I am right after you.

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I wonder, every once in a while,
If I made blunders, or my choices were right.

A thought, leads to another,
Dreams and memories, I’m lost altogether.

You HAVE options, when you make decision,
You follow the path directed, by your inner aggression.

True or false, right or wrong,
These are just words, if you want.

Live by example, it’s not easy,
But not impossible, ferociously.

My mind and heart, my prerogative,
To each one’s own, perspective.

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Love and Pride

Love is a language,
With emotions at every stage.

Dont waste it on someone,
Who doesn’t deserve it.

Beyond age sex and religion,
It reaches each and everyone.

Stop directing every thought,
Let love take its own path.

Play your part in the society,
But don’t let it fool you and pity.

Stop holding yourself back,
Be fearless and come out.

Take pride in yourself,
Lead the path for others to take.

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Never regret, who you are,
Unique each one is, learn to adore.

Pink green and yellow, don’t define you,
Dont let their assumptions, consume you.

Bald or not, it’s your choice,
You are beautiful, with a beard and plaid.

Don’t halt, keep walking,
Prioritise decisions, not their vice.

Just like roses, we are different yet same,
Let’s make this world, tolerant again.

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Porcelain skin, your sharp features,
Your skin tone, your cheek bones.

They are not everything, but a part of you,
Embrace it, cherish yourself too.

Reel characters, don’t define you,
Find your reality, as one must!

Dont be embarrassed, they don’t understand you,
Take care of yourself, it’s the least you should do.

Natural or artificial, use the products you need,
Stay safe and healthy, is my forever wish.

Sure to be pronoun-ced, as you are,
Mis-gendering, is a real task.