Voice out

You listen, talk, sing or scream,
You have the right to voice out.

You dream, you slog,
You cry & you shout,
You have a right to voice out.

My mind is restless, wanting to spill out,
All the thoughts, my heart ain’t about,
You still have the right to voice out.

Hear me out! The pain in etching now,
Hear me now! I am loosing it now.

Time teaches us most of it,
Remember, to watch the ditch.

Silent or violent, a voice is always a voice,
Heard or unheard, will fire the light.

My wishing well

As a little girl, I always wished,
I had the ultimate power, to wish at my will.

I grew up to question, everything about,
Hoping it will answer, all my doubts.

It was my wish, to be heard,
Weather oneself, or a herd.

As an adult, I wonder sometimes,
Is there a wishing well, in our minds.

We wish for something, might come true,
Hope more than a desire, that you do.

I hope I desire, I need this for me,
To raise another, wishing well through thee.


A single word, makes or breaks a person,

A single word, lets you win confidence,

For me, you were everything,

But for you, I was the embarrassment.


I never, wanted to let go of you,

You always, agreed on that too,

When the time came, you turned on me,

Cause for you, I was the embarrassment.


I still, stood up and gathered myself,

I did, look back in the hope to see you again,

Somehow, I was sure you won’t return,

Cause for you, I was the embarrassment.


I had, picked up my shattered self,

I must, never let someone break me again,

Its time, to put myself before everyone,

Cause for you, I was the embarrassment.


I hope, you are happy,

I wish, you all the happiness,

I dare, you don’t mess with me anymore,

From now on, you are my embarrassment.



To be or not to be

We all come across such a moment in life, when we must decide,

Devil or an angel, to be or not to be.


A question we ask ourselves, more than we think of it,

We are never taught, to be or not to be.


At every stage in life, we encounter the dilemma,

Our conscious tells us, to be or not to be.


Devil in disguise, angel in blessing,

Neither, to be or not to be.


Friends & family, love or hate,

Emotions derive, to be or not to be.


Blank page, empty soul,

Still you must choose, to be or not to be.


Birth, our right,

Chosen by others, to be or not to be.


Death, the only moment,

One wants to choose, to be or not to be.



To be a woman

Lucky if born, comes to life,
Born strong, giving birth is her right.

Even today, as she walks,
Household chores, are her tasks.

Born in disparity, raised in trench,
A girl knows what it’s like to be hurt and vent.

I want the love, the feeling you have,
For my brother, even if they don’t care.

This is, the window of opportunity,
To give love as you want, as it’s your baby.

Compromise, is what we are taught,
Much before, ABCD and what not.

Give and share, never expect,
Don’t think so much, you are better this way.

Indecisive, by force,
She keeps calm, till she realised.

Don’t forget, the goddess,
She can always revive.

Not just men, sometimes even women,
Fail to understand, what it’s like to be a woman.

The bald chick

I was born with beautiful hair,
Strong long, no reason to care,
Was always sure to have had,
Hair on head, longer than I ever had.

As I grew, didn’t the hair,
I grew strong, they lost their flare,
I was a grown up, bothered about my looks,
Soon I could see, a bald look.

Some are lucky, some are not,
Sooner than I thought, wider got the bald,
Less hair on my head, more on the floor,
Shampoo lost its will, conditioner said no more.

The strong woman in me, scolded me out loud,
Who are you bothered about? Yourself or everyone about?
I always took charge, of everything around,
Except for me, I overlooked my own.

One day, I went rouge,
Let my skin breathe, let them all go,
For the first time, I saw myself,
Exposed I felt, with no hair.

Tears trickled, down my cheeks,
Not cause I lost them, but I leaped,
Today I saw, who I was,
The bald chick, a new world began.


Tu alis ya jagat, ek olakh nirman karayla,

Ek mulgi kay karu shakte, he siddha karayla.

Punyanagrit janmalis, apli avad jopaslis,

Sukhani nandlis, pan swatahla nahi visarlis.

Lahanpanche khel, motthepanchi vasana,

Jayantachi saath, ketki sah nivas.

Tujhya manatli tivra iccha, sakar kelis,

Ramala naman karun, himalaya ghathlas.

Tujhya charni amche naman, tula amche vandan,

Pudhchya piddhinna, hovo tujha satat margadarshan.

Dedicated to my mother’s friend – the first woman to cycle from Kanyakumari to Leh in 35 days!