Living a Nightmare

When I was growing up, as a young patootie,
I always had a nightmare, that stayed with me.

Wherever I, find my significant other,
My life, will change for better.

Wherever I, saw future kids,
In my dreams, they always hated me.

After many years, almost relic,
I re-lived, the nightmare within.

Had a brave face, understood every word,
Cried my heart out, once I reached home.

Today I, doubted in solitary,
heard someone, feared me.

Was I, turning into,
Someone else, I loathe.

If you say goodbye

If you say goodbye, I see the words flying high,

But i can’t hear your voice, it may not be my might.

If you roast my heart, you ain’t getting it back,

it won’t stop beating cause you said, you better stay far away.


You remember flowers, I hate them all in & out,

Let me throw them away, not gonna help in anyway.


I believe, in my dreams

I believe, I strive to live

I believe, your ego broke your heart

I believe, you can’t erase the part


My heart and mind sing, I live for me and me within,

give yourself some credit now, you maybe blind but not alone.


just hold my hand, he said and I took the chance,

I’m happy like never before, right time right face made my world



Various shapes, sizes and color,
You need them, more the better.

Red yellow, Colors aloud,
A style statement, comfort about.

Tiny baby step, an athlete’s survival,
Spikes or not, l’il one’s new challenge.

On a rack, they rest all the time,
Don’t let them tire, without a fight.

Too many is a crowd, you may like,
They feel lonely, without feet above.

Let the feet, feel alive,
Help the feet, for what they deserve.

They are catchy, will sway,
Credit card limit reminds you, to run away.

Boys and girls, your feet know,
Without shoes, they get bored.

My Delhi

Not too long ago, I lived here,
A city that grew, by the minute,
Some like it while, some don’t,
She is my moon, with blemishes of her own.

Spread across, large crowds everywhere,
Yet we find places, for kids to play,
She has for decades, dealt with rulers,
Every time, she fought her way.

Broken bent and lost, rules always,
She doesn’t ever stop, to amaze,
Submissive over time, she is now learning to rise,
Outspoken she will be, and age agile.

Experience enriched her, still does,
She will never fall, and rust,
A new age, a new beginning,
Dynasties or not, may she sore away.

My love for her, will never end,
Hurt deeply, she will always return,
There is a reason, people always wish,
Delhi is, where your heart is.

The unknown

Every being, fears the unknown,
Hopes to survive, the harsh competition.

Human or not, at some point in time,
Is scared, to take the first step.

Some learn, without help outside,
Some convict, with self conscious.

We like it or not, the unknown,
Teaches us, without doubt.

Some find it, a blessing in disguise,
Some term it, the devil’s mind.

You don’t know, everything,
You can’t control, anything.

You know, if you once did not,
Let the unknown, win your heart.


Wander away in your thoughts,
Let your heart decide,
Right time to pause the moment is now,
Maybe you should step aside.

I see a beautiful future,
They come and go while I stay put,
What have I done all along?
My heart racing through.

I look through my past,
So much to endure,
Recent and long lost memories,
Play rewind.

All this happens in a few hours,
When my mind and heart must rest,
Neither listen and I suffer,
Insomnia at its best!

Krutika chya Sakhya

Krutika chya angnat,
Baslya sakhya chaar,
Megha kade pujela,
Jamlya Sarya aaj.

Kanchan ani Archana,
Kadhli Sundar Rangoli,
Gracie ani Surekha,
Savashna aliyasi.

Vardlakshmi Puja, ahe nimitta,
Jamlya Sarya sakhya, mejvanit,
Geeta ni keli survat pangtila,
Rajnigandha cha thoda haath bhar, madatila.

Krutikatlya sakhyanni, Asha gheun kele Naman,
Varshanuvarsh labho, aple saumitra.

Monday Blues

Woke up tad early,
Cooked and packed my lunch,
House cleaned and decked-up myself,
Ready to start the month.

The week for me starts now,
Lost souls wandering around,
Eager to reach their office,
For a monotonous round.

I decided to wear black today,
In a way rebelling a thought,
To never let down myself,
And all trusted around.

Why do we hate this day?
Everyone wonders but can’t respond,
Empty stomach and devout of luxury,

Keeps all on the ground.

Mood blues as famously said,
We try but can’t escape,
Fear of unknown or dreading the truth,
We all have our Monday blues.


Define, your faith,
Is it yourself? Or it’s a bait.

You must be faithful, either way,
Un-ethical genius, will find their way.

You say it or not, you have faith,
Acceptance is the key, for a better day.

If you don’t, you will find yourself,
Trapped in darkness, or viciousness.

Don’t let your demons, awake,
Let them rest in peace, with faith.

Hope and Sorrow

Very different, yet together,
One loses and, the other gets better.

Can’t leave, one another,
Hope and sorrow, live forever.

One of them is resilient, I feel,
Is it hopefulness? I reel.

Sorrow isn’t bad, it’s a beginning,
Hope isn’t lost, it’s reckoning.

I feel sorrow today, don’t know why,
Hoping to find out, with time.