24 hours

You don’t know, what you gain,
How precious are, these 24 hours.

1 hour, 2 hour, three or four,
The clock resets, every 24 hours.

Balance your life, eat and rest,
Your have enough time, in these 24 hours.

Start with, one task at a time,
Quality matters, make it worth the take.

You may stop but, time ain’t stopping,
Make it count while, you can achieve.

Time will tell you, when you should stop,
Reach nirvana, when time says, Now!

It’ll last you a lifetime, start young,
Make better decisions, 24 hours is all it takes.


I fell in love, looking at you,
In a movie poster, releasing soon!
I saw you on, the big screen,
The very minute I knew, we had to meet.

I was 14, you were 25,
I was naive, living in my hive.
Very soon, I followed every word,
Written or spoken about you, by others.

Insecure I felt, don’t know why,
I tried everything, for feelings to pass by.
Soon I forgot, you existed in my mind,
I moved away from you, closeted behind.

Then the moment came, 20 years later,
I met you in person, amongst all clutter.
For you, I was just another fan,
But for me, my life had just began.

ये वादा

वादा। कल का और आज का,
निभाने का और टूटने का।

आज किया वादा, कल तोड़ दे,
परसो खुद संभले और, उन्हे छोड़ दें।

जाने अनजाने, कितने वादे किए,
कुछ निभाए, कुछ भूल गए।

आपसे निवेदन, चाहे कितने वादे भूलिएगा,
दूरियां कितने भी बढ़े, हमारे वादे से ना मुकरिएगा।

Word Jumble

Never-ending puzzle, in my mind,
What you foster, I wonder all the time.

Alphabet jumbled, as my memories,
Sometimes they don’t connect, I can’t predict.

The more I think, it makes me isolate,
The word jumbles, makes me hallucinate.

I know I created this, situation for myself,
But you finish what you start, maybe punish oneself.

And then, I move away from everything,
Everyone around and, myself sometimes.

The Chaos in my mind, no one has seen,
They see the silent human, content with everything.

Faces of a coin

As humans, we always do,
Think over, a thing or two.

From being positive, to utter pessimism,
Two faces of a coin, makes us human.

Smile at one, frown at the other,
This constant dilemma, brings out the better.

Heads or tails, on your face,
Take a moment to, respond with grace.

Every second counts, every opportunity,
Like the two faces of a coin, make the most of this travesty.


Our last Holiday, ended in 2019,
We thought we were, marking a new beginning.

Little did we know, what the year would bring,
Deafening chaos and, silence within.

Till March 15, we could meet one another,
Who would have thought, it was the last for some others.

And so it started, the arduous fight,
For survival of the fittest, we couldn’t stop day and night.

Some stayed locked in, while some walked,
While some, spent days at the airport.

This went on for months, still no respite,
One took a leap of faith and, stepped outside.

2020, what should I say,
Some good some terrible, memories are here to stay.


A memory shattered ,in a thousand pieces,
With all intact, you must rebuild.

Some enjoy, the merciless living,
While some, show their true feeling.

Do your math, as much you want,
Every attempt, teaches you more.

Left to right or, move in or out,
You must finish, what you brought.

Shake up that thought, bring it to life,
Fit all pieces, side by side.

As you worn out, your first memory,
You build and rebuild, such jigsaws for eternity.

The F word

It all started with the 26,
Each of them party to this.

‘A’ proudly starts with a favourite fruit,
Others follow as they always do.

Then came ‘F’ and everything stoped,
Could it be a fish or something foul?

The first 5 saved themselves,
Other 20 did not torment.

‘F’ was stuck and asked ‘U’ to help,
The chained loop had ‘C’ and ‘K’.

The last word to learn for everyone,
The first to remember at every turn.

The word was formed in the end,
Used everywhere and abhorred the trend.

A Lullaby, sweet lullaby!

Clear sky, a silent night,
Here I write, for you,
Let the words paint a picture,
It’s time to sleep, says cuckoo.

A Lullaby, sweet lullaby,
Listen and drift away.

Grasslands plush and green,
Surrounded by mango trees,
Clear blue sky and mountains high,
River flowing beneath.

A Lullaby, sweet lullaby,
Listen and drift away.

Hear the birds chirping,
See the sun shine,
You rest on the grasslands,
Rhyming all the time.

A Lullaby, sweet lullaby,
Listen and drift away.

As you grow, let these dreams,
Take you places, as you win,
I wish you always, my best,
As I gift you this lullaby, my sweet lullaby.

Square one

It’s so funny, when people say,
You start here, at square one.

Cause at times, if unlucky,
You end up, at square one.

You crash, or burn,
Still your are, at square one.

Till you reach, the destination,
Keep looking, at square one.

Multiple attempts, and choices,
Keep you grounded, at square one.

It’s so human, to love numbers,
Still you’re stuck, at square one.

It’s only, once you reach,
You track back, to square one.