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3 mistakes of my life

Everyone commits mistakes,
It makes you alive,
Countless they’ll be at every stage,
Through them you shine.

Out of the many,
3 stand out in the crowd,
Blunders one might call it,
Such are the mistakes I own.

First is a flaw in our society,
We don’t teach our kids curiosity,
Never question the elders even when in doubt,
Was the first big mistake I made about.

Second is an emotion I couldn’t control,
Always felt alone even with people around,
Rebellious, I had come of age,
I was a raging bull in my mind and they thought I was a sage.

Third was the final straw,
I was mocked and controlled all the time,
I screamed yet no attention I could draw,
I ran away, in the nick of time.

Coward I call myself,
Did I learn anything at all?
Looking back the only solution I found,
Acceptance is the only key I want.


I always try to think out of the box. i love poetry and hope to contribute my best to the field :)

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